New Exchange Rate(November 2, 2015):

Effective November 2, 2015, the exchange rate for the application fee will be changed to $1/Y125.  New fees are as follows:

•Non-petition based visa fees such as B, F, J:  $160 = :  Y20,000

•Petition based fees such as H, L, P:  $190 = Y23,750

•E visa fee:  $205 = Y25,625

•K visa fee:  $265 = Y33,125


Note: In case of a credit card payment, Effective March 22, 2015, it WILL NOT be PROCESSED with an old visa fee. This will be automatically cancelled when applications for example;   as an interview appointments or drop box option with an old rate paid are processed. Applicants are requested to pay the correct visa fee when applying to avoid your visa application being cancelled.


Document Delivery Notice:
It may cause delay of delivery if the profile details do not match with your passport. Please review the Track and Retrieve My Passport page in order to ensure your passport is delivered in a timely manner. 

Fee Payment Notice:
Visa fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have encountered any problems during the payment process, please contact our call center (Japan: 050-5533-2737 ; U.S.: +1-703-520-2233) . DO NOT start the payment process again as your first payment may have already been successfully completed.

Note: In order to schedule an appointment, you must log into your profile again to valididate your payment.

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