NOTICE FOR VISA APPLICANTS WHO DO NOT RESIDE IN THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN: Individuals who normally reside outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, may submit their application at the U.S. Embassy in Astana and Consulate General in Almaty. Applicants are not required to be a resident of Kazakhstan to apply for a visa, but they must select a non-residents category after Step 8 if they are presented with the choice. Foreign nationals who reside in Kazakhstan and can show their original residence permit/long-term visa on the day of their interview should select Regular priority. Foreign nationals who select Regular priority, but fail to present a residence permit/long-term visa on the day of their interview will not be interviewed. Please note: that passports can only be delivered to a home address or a Pony Express pick-up location in Kazakhstan.

A U.S. Presidential Proclamation issued on September 24, 2017 affects visa applicants who are nationals of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, and Somalia. More information is available at this link:

On December 4, the U.S. Supreme Court granted the Government’s motions for emergency stays of preliminary injunctions issued by the U.S. District Courts for the Districts of Hawaii and Maryland, which prohibited the enforcement of certain sections of Presidential Proclamation 9645 (P.P). Nationals of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela are subject to the restrictions and limitations. More information is available at this link.

Effective immediately, the U.S. Embassy in Astana will no longer provide storage for laptops or other large electronic devices for visitors – including both visa applicants and U.S. Citizens seeking services.

Starting December 29, 2016 the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Kazakhstan issues 10-year multiple business/tourist visas to Kazakhstani citizens. More information is available at

Starting November 1, 2016, eye glasses will no longer be allowed in visa photos. For further details on photo requirements please visit:

ATTENTION APPLICANTS RENEWING VISAS!!! If you are you renewing a tourist or business visa issued in Astana or Almaty within the past 11 months, you may be able to renew your visa WITHOUT AN INTERVIEW!!! Please visit this page for more details

DS-160 Application Submission Cut-Off Deadline: In order to ensure that consular staff is able to prepare applications for interview, nonimmigrant visa applicants are required to fill and submit their DS-160 visa applications at least two business days prior to their interview date.

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