Re-Schedule My Immigrant Visa Appointment

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This page is for all eligible immigrant visa applicants (not including K-1s and SB-1s) to reschedule their immigrant visa interview appointment if they have missed their original appointment. 

Who is eligible to reschedule an immigrant visa appointment?

You may only schedule a new visa interview appointment if you missed your previously scheduled immigrant visa interview appointment.  If you schedule a visa interview appointment before the date of your initial immigrant visa interview appointment or meet any of the conditions below, you will not be interviewed.

If you meet any of the following conditions, do not reschedule an immigrant visa interview appointment.  Instead, please submit an inquiry to:

  • You have been interviewed.
  • You are the principal applicant and you have not contacted the Consulate for more than a year.
  • Your case is not current for processing based on the current cut-off dates. This includes retrogressed cases and cases whose visa classes have been changed.
  • Your visa class has been changed

Reschedule My Immigrant Visa Appointment

All applicants need to create an account or a new user profile in order to reschedule an interview.  Please click here to create an account if you do not have one.

If you already have an account, please log in to your account and then follow step-by-step instructions.  


  • When you reschedule your interview, you will need the original Appointment Letter (Packet 4) which includes your case number and the names of all eligible applicants.  If you do not have the original Appointment Letter, you may request a copy by submitting an inquiry to:
  • If the original Appointment Letter does not include the name(s) of the derivative applicant(s) you wish to add to the case, please submit an inquiry to: To add children to the case, you should attach a scanned copy of their birth certificates.  To add a spouse to the case, you should attach a scanned copy of your marriage certificate and your spouse’s birth certificate.
  • Please note that married children and children aged 21 or older may not derive immigration status from the principal applicant.  In case you are the principal applicant and you wish to check if a child who is going to turn 21 or are over 21 but may be eligible for the Child Status Protection Act(CSPA), please submit your request before rescheduling the interview.  Children over 21 years old who have not received a confirmation from our office regarding their visa eligibility should not attempt to reschedule an interview at:  or undertake the visa medical examination.
  • Different cases which have the same petitioner should not reschedule separate appointments.  They should only reschedule one appointment and add all other applicants to that appointment.

If you have never had an interview appointment on, you will need to choose the option “New Application/Schedule Appointment” on the left column of the screen in order to reschedule, after logging in to your account.

If you already had an interview appointment on and want to reschedule your appointment again, you just need to log into your account, then choose “Reschedule Immigrant Visa Appointment”.

Please note that the closing time for appointments is 48 hours.  If you cannot attend the rescheduled appointment, please cancel or reschedule your appointment at least three working days prior to your appointment date.  Otherwise, you will need to wait until the appointment date has passed to reschedule a new one.

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