Important Notice!

Both the delivery and submission of documents at TNT/FedEx’s office location in Sofia at 36 Dragan Tsankov blvd. are free of charge.

Sending documents TO the US Embassy – the fee for submitting documents to the U.S. Embassy from a premium TNT/FedEx location or home/office address is 6 USD per passport. For more information, please visit this link.

Do not contact U.S. Embassy Sofia with questions pertaining to the status of your passport delivery or payment of the premium fee, as they do not have this information and will be unable to assist you. Instead, please consult this page for assistance.

Waiver of Personal Appearance for Qualified Visa Applicants – Interview Waiver

On this page:


The Interview Waiver is designed for applicants who do not need to appear at the Embassy to be fingerprinted and interviewed. They can submit their completed visa applications and relevant supporting documents through TNT Express courier service.


There are several main groups of applicants who may use the Interview Waiver (please note that this option applies only to Bulgarian national or long-term resident in Bulgaria, physically present in Bulgaria). These are:

  • First-time and renewal applicants 80 years of age and older, who are Bulgarian nationals or long-term residents in Bulgaria;
  • First-time and renewal applicants under the age of 14, who are Bulgarian nationals or long-term residents in Bulgaria and travel with both parents, already in possession of a valid U.S. visa, U.S. permanent resident card or U.S. passport.;

In all other cases children under 14 will apply though the standard application process. At the time of visa interview at least one of the parents must be present to represent the child. The child’s attendance is not obligatory.

  • Applicants who are renewing a visa in the B1/B2 or C1/D visa categories and meet all of the criteria below:
    1. The previous visa is still valid or expired less than 48 months ago;
    2. The applicant is renewing a visa in the same visa classification as the previous one;
    3. The applicant is a Bulgarian national or long-term resident in Bulgaria;
    4. If the applicant has ever been refused a visa, it was for the same visa class for which they are currently applying, and they were subsequently issued that class of visa;
    5. The previous visa was not cancelled or revoked;
    6. The previous visa was not lost or stolen;
    7. The applicant has complied with the immigration laws and regulations of the United States during previous visits.
  • F and M visa applicants:
    1. The student is a Bulgarian national or long-term resident in Bulgaria;
    2. Has a previously issued F or M visa and is re-applying to renew the same visa classification not more than 48 months after the date on which the prior visa expired;
    3. Is returning to the same university in the U.S. or is returning to OPT;
    4. Is an active, full-time student, or on OPT;
    5. Has an Active status in the SEVIS database;
    6. Provides their most recent transcript. (An unofficial transcript is sufficient.)
    • H-1, H-3, H-4, non-blanket L, O, P, and Q visa applicants (valid through December 31, 2022):
      1. The applicant is a Bulgarian national or long-term resident in Bulgaria;
      2. The applicant was previously issued any class of visa;
      3. The applicant has never been refused a visa, unless such refusal was overcome or waived and the visa was subsequently issued.
      • Applicants for G-4 visas 

      Issued to personnel of any rank who are proceeding to the United States to take up an appointment at a designated international organization (including the United Nations). Members of their immediate families may also be issued G-4 visas, except their domestic employees, who are issued G-5 visas. Officers and employees of designated international organizations, who are not assigned in the United States, may be accorded G-4 classification if they intend to transit the United States. G-4 visas may also be issued to personnel of any rank on the payroll of a designated international organization proceeding to the United States on behalf of that organization.

      Applicants for G4 visas do not have to pay the visa fee. They cannot use the appointment system on this website and TNT courier services. Such applicants may bring their application documents directly to the U.S. Embassy in Sofia every business day between 3:00 and 3:15 p.m. or mail them to the Embassy by any courier service. The application should also include an employment contract or letter from the international organization.

      Passports with ready visas are returned directly to the applicants.

      How to Apply

      Step 1
      Pay the visa application fee.

      Step 2
      Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

      Step 3
      Register on this web page. You must answer the waiver of interview questions online or contact the call center in order to qualify. If you qualify you will receive the Interview Waiver confirmation page from your profile and detailed instructions of how to deliver your documents.

      You will need three pieces of information in order to register online:

      • Your passport 
      • The receipt number from your payment. (Click here if you need help finding this number.)
      • The ten (10) digit barcode number from your DS-160 confirmation page.

      Step 4 

      Print out the Interview Waiver confirmation letter and send all of your documents by TNT/Fedex as explained here).

      Each applicant must provide the following documentation:

      1. DS-160 confirmation page. 
      2. Application fee receipt. Note: This payment is mandatory and not refundable in case of refusal. 
      3. Include a valid passport and previous passports containing U.S. visas. 
      4. In the case of children under the age of 14, traveling with both parents, already in possession of a valid U.S. visa, U.S. permanent resident card or U.S. passport, applications should include copies of parents’ travel documents and the birth certificate of the child.
      5. Attach one recent photograph 5cm x 5cm, taken within the last 6 months on white background, no glasses.
      6. Interview Waiver confirmation letter.
      7. Any supporting documents.

      If your file is incomplete, you will receive a call from the U.S. Embassy, or your documents will be returned to you.

      Supporting Documents

      Depending on the visa category, supporting documents may include:

      • Applicants for B1/B2 visa may submit an invitation letter or a letter explaining the reasons for their trip;
      • Applicants for C1/D visa should present a copy of their employment contract or a letter from their employer.

      Visa applications may contain only copies of original supporting documents like property deeds, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. Provided that no additional administrative processing is needed, visa applications will be processed as quickly as possible and documents will be returned through TNT courier service.

      Interview Waiver applications are not guaranteed visa issuance. Although an applicant may meet the above criteria, a consular officer, after reviewing the application, may determine that a personal appearance is required. An employee of the Consular section will contact the applicant to schedule an appointment for personal interview.