Change Document Delivery Address/ Delivery Option

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You may modify your delivery address or your delivery option until 23:59 the day before your interview appointment. We strongly advise you not to change the delivery option or delivery address after the time limit. Any changes to your  delivery address or delivery option after this time limit will lead to a delay in your passport delivery. 

If you need to change the delivery option from pickup to Premium Delivery, please proceed as following:

  •  AFTER the passport is released by the US Embassy/Consulate - you will have received an email containing your ISL number; in this case, please visit: in order to complete the payment for the home delivery and register your delivery address; do NOT use your UID when making this payment, please use the ISL number received.
  • BEFORE the passport is released by the US Embassy/Consulate - please go directly to, enter your UID, select the correct number of applicants
    and complete the payment and address registration.

If you have already purchased the Premium Delivery service and you need to change the delivery address, you will have received a confirmation email which includes a secure link to enable you to change your address.

If you selected the pick-up option, please note that your documents will only be available for collection in the city of processing/interview and cannot not be transferred to another city.

Please note that any change to your delivery address or delivery option will NOT reflect in your official scheduling profile. all changes need to be registered on the GTS platform.

For any other queries related to the delivery fee payment please contact directly the courier provider at