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When you receive the letter with your interview date, you must go online to select a delivery address for the return of your passport. When you select your document delivery address, be sure to have the Immigrant Case Number shown in the Embassy notification letter. Your Immigrant Case Number begins with the letters GTM and is followed by ten digits of numbers. 

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: All documents sent or received in most branches of Cargo Expreso will have a cost of $11.65 (Q91.00).This change affects ALL active visa applications, both future appointments and applications in process within the Embassy. If your passport/documents are ready for pick up, you must do so before October 30, 2021 to avoid charges for the Premium service. If you want to receive your documents free of charge, you must access your profile through:

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To register your document delivery return address online, click here.
To change your current document delivery address selection, click here.