Tutorial for Scheduling Group Appointments

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This information will help you schedule your group appointment online.Please read through below instruction carefully to avoid any problems that may result in failed scheduling.


  1. The approval of your group appointment is valid for a certain period of time. Please check for the validity date in the email of approval notice that you received. If you failed to schedule your group appointment by the validity date, the group will no longer qualify for group appointment.
  2. Please do not add any group member to your group coordinator account before you receive the email of approval notice. If you do, you will have to follow the same steps again to solicit a new request.
  3. When scheduling group appointment, group coordinator needs to ensure each applicant has completed and submitted his/her application form (DS-160) in the system.
  4. 4. Our agents cannot schedule group appointment for you, but they can help you with questions. You may find contact information of our call center at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/hk.

How to Apply

Step 1

As group coordinator, when you input bio-data for your group members at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/hk. You should have at hand the following information for each group member:

  1. Barcode Number of DS-160 Confirmation
  2. Identification Number (e.g. Hong Kong or Macau Identity Card number)
  3. Name in Chinese and English on Passport
  4. Place of Birth and Nationality
  5. Passport Number and Issuance Date, Issued Place and Expiration Date of Passport
  6. Primary Phone Number, Alternate Phone Number and Email Address
  7. SEVIS Number for Student/Exchange Visitor (F/M/J) visa applicants

Step 2

Access to your group coordinator account, and then Select “Schedule Group Appointment” from the left-hand menu.

Step 3

Select one of the “Approved Group Appointment Requests”, as shown in the example below and click “Continue”.

Step 4

  • If group coordinator applies for a visa together with the group, check the box of “Include yourself in the group appointment”.
  • If group member doesn’t have his/her own account in the system, please click on “Add By Name” to complete his/her bio-information.
  • If group member has his/her own account in the system, please click on “Add Applicant By Existing Applicant” to update his/her bio-information.

Step 5

  • Please input barcode number of DS-160 confirmation using copy/paste to ensure accuracy of information.
  • Please input applicant’s bio-data exactly as they appear on passport.
  • Please input correct telephone numbers and email address that applicant can be reached.

Step 6

  • Please complete the data input for all the group members at one time. If you have to quit in the middle of the input, please click on “Unfinished Group Appointment Request” to continue.
  • If you find saved information in error, please do not remove the group member from your account or add him/her again to your account. After you have completed all data input, click on “Provide Feedback” on your left hand menu to send email through the system with uploaded screenshots of errors and correct information in PDF or JPG format. Click on “Continue” when you receive email of response that the correction has been made.

Step 7

Select how to receive passports. All group applicants must select same option of passport delivery. For more information on how to receive passports, please visit http://www.ustraveldocs.com/hk.

Step 8

  • Click on “Click Here For All Payment Options” to get CGI number for application fee payment. Applicant must pay the correct amount of fee corresponding to the visa category s/he applies.
  • After payment, continue to Step 8 to enter the receipt number for each applicant. For more information about visa application fee payments, visit the Visa Fees page.

Step 9

  • Select a date and time to complete the scheduling.
  • Print the confirmation page as proof of appointment, and group members should bring it to the interview on the appointment date.