Document Drop-Off Locations


If you were issued a 221(g) letter and instructed by the Embassy or Consulate General to submit additional documentation for further processing, you should submit those documents to an RPX courier, which will deliver your documents to the Embassy or Consulate General.

Effective November 8, 2021, the Drop off of your passport/documents will be considered Premium Service and appropriate fees will be charged depending on the drop off location selected. Drop off documents at the RPX Palbatu Jakarta and RPX Surabaya remains free of charge. Click on this link to see the cost for drop off service.

This fee should be paid prior to drop off the passport/documents at RPX office.

Please see below how to proceed with the Premium Delivery Service Payment:

  • Please click on this link to see the cost for drop off service fee.
  • Once the cost is obtained, you can do the payment via transfer, debit card or cash at RPX counter. The RPX bank account number is CIMB NIAGA KCP METRO PONDOK INDAH A/N PT ANTAREJA PRIMA ANTARAN A/C # 800142229100.
  • Please send the payment transfer proof via email to RPX to get the Official Receipt (OR). In the email, please provide information of the applicants full name, contact number, passport number, drop-off location, U.S Embassy location (Jakarta or Surabaya) and the complete delivery address with zipcode that you have choose upon making the interview appointment. You will obtain the Original Receipt (OR) via email within 20 minutes. For bulk payment, you will receive Original Receipt (OR) for each applicants.
  • Please bring bring the Official Receipt (OR) prior to drop the passport/documents at the RPX branches.
  • If you pay using debit card or cash at RPX counter, you will received the Official Receipt from RPX staff.


Click here to view document drop off locations.