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Qualifications for Emergency Appointment Request

During this period, we will continue to process a limited number of visa applications on an emergency basis.  The list below represents the types of visas that are eligible to request an emergency appointment. Once a request is submitted, a visa officer will review the request to determine if it meets the requirements and inform you of the decision.

We may accept emergency visa applications which require an interview for the following purposes of travel/visa categories:

  • C1/D visas where travel date is within 14 days
  • Urgent travel for E visa applicants that cannot be postponed.
  • The death or sudden illness of a family member
  • Students or exchange visitors whose purpose of travel is to begin or resume a valid program of study in the United States within two weeks.
  • Medical professionals seeking work in the U.S. on a work or exchange visitor visa (H or J), particularly those working on COVID19 issues.
  • Urgent business travel for applicants other than Es to attend a time-sensitive and critical business matter  and the request for travel comes from a business/company in the United States.
  • Fiancé(e) visas for urgent travel if necessary for humanitarian reasons.

*Please note that travel for the purpose of attending weddings and graduation ceremonies, assisting pregnant relatives, participating in an annual business/academic/professional conference, or tourism do not qualify for expedited appointments.  Furthermore, an ESTA denial does not qualify for an emergency appointment unless combined with one of the other factors listed above.

Hours of Operation

English- and Japanese-speaking customer service agents are ready to assist you 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Japan Time (JT) Monday through Friday. The call center is closed for U.S. and Japanese holidays.

Check the Status of Your Passport

Instant: Enter your passport number below to check on the status. If your passport is ready for pick-up, please collect it in a timely manner and bring supporting documents. If your passport is not collected in a timely manner it will be sent back to the Embassy or Consulate. To find meaning of tracking status, click Passport Tracking Status

Note: The Embassy or the Consulate cannot help you regarding the status of your passport delivery after your passport has left the Embassy. Please do not contact the Embassy or Consulate directly regarding the status of your passport delivery.


Email: Send an email to and in the subject and/or body enter a valid passport number exactly as it was entered at the time the appointment was scheduled. Do not add any additional text. You will receive an automatic response with the status.

Passport Tracking Status

If your status shows the following message, it means;

Your passport is still with the US Embassy or Consulate

It means your passport is at the Embassy or Consulate.

Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery

It means your passport has left the Embassy or Consulate and is being prepared for shipping at the Delivery Service Center.

Out for Delivery

Your passport is on the way to be delivered to the registered mailing address by Japan Post. You may track the delivery status using the Letter Pack number on Japan Post’s website.

Your passport has been picked up

It means Japan Post has delivered your passport to the registered address or you can go to the Post office you have chosen to pick up your passport; or a notification has been dropped by a mailman in your mailbox for further arrangements. You may track the delivery status using the letter pack number on Japan Post website.

There is no status update available for the passport

Passport tracking information is currently not available. If you have applied for a visa at Sapporo, Fukuoka, or Naha, or by mail to Osaka, please try again later.

Your passport has been returned to post

Your passport has been returned to the Embassy or Consulate due to an incorrect name and/or address or because you failed to pick up the package at a post office in time. Please contact the Call Center for redelivery of your passport.


Contact Information

If you need help with your visa application or want to learn more about obtaining a visa to travel to the United States, please contact us via any of the means shown below. Visa application services call center agents are able to assist you via telephone, email or chat.

Important Notice:

Effective September 21, 2018, the U.S. Embassy and consulates in Japan will only answer status inquiries concerning  pending Non-Immigrant and Immigrant visa applications if:

  • You have attended an interview, AND 10 business days have passed since the interview day, or
  • You applied for a visa by mail, AND 10 business days have passed since the Embassy has received your documents, or
  • You applied for new Treaty Trader Company Registration, AND 1 month has passed since the Embassy has received your documents.

Please submit an online inquiry form at to inquire about your pending visa application status if you meet the requirements described above. Please note that our call center no longer answers questions regarding Non-Immigrant and Immigrant visa application status.

Please note that If your inquiry does not meet the requirement described above, you will NOT receive an email response.


Telephone: Please contact a customer service representative using one of these telephone numbers:

The call center features an automated message system. Please select the option that best suits your inquiry. You may choose to be connected to an operator at the end of the recorded message.

  • In Japan, call 050 5533 2737
  • In the United States, call 703 520 2233
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Email: To reach a customer service representative via email, please write to

Skype for Business: To use Skype for Business to speak to a customer service representative from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., please click on the Skype for Business icon below, or add a new contact on your Skype for Business account with the Skype for Business name

Warning: Please verify the Skype for Business ID of the US Visa Service Desk before adding it. Our Skype for Business ID is Agents will not instruct you to pay your MRV fee over the phone; we strongly advise you to verify payment instructions on the Bank and Payment options page before paying your MRV Fee. Our call center agents will not engage in a chat conversation via Skype for Business. A chat option is available through a different application on this page.

In order to make sure you are connecting to the right Skype for Business ID please click on the icon below to place a call.


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Chat: To chat with a customer service representative from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., please click the image below.

Reporting Fraud

Please contact us at if you have experienced fraud or have been asked to pay any unnecessary fees to pay your MRV fee, schedule your visa interview, or ship documents to or from the consular section.