Document Drop-Off Locations

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If you have opted for visa application via Interview Waiver, you should submit your application to Ilyang Logis;


If you were issued a 221(g) letter and instructed by the U.S. Embassy to submit additional documentation for further processing, you should submit those documents to Ilyang Logis.

You can select your preferred submission option below. Ilyang Logis will deliver your documents to the Embassy.

  • Submission at Bonbu office of Ilyang Logis in Seoul 
    Ilyang Logis delivers your documents to the Embassy at no additional charge. 
    Address of Bonbu Office of Ilyang Logis: Mapogu Changjeonro 28-1, Seoul
  • Submission at one of Ilyang Logis' offices
    Ilyang Logis delivers your documents to the U.S. Embassy at an additional fee of 14,000 KRW per applicant. The fee is payable at Ilyang Logis’ office (cash only).


To view Ilyang Logis document drop-off locations, click here. (Information is only available in Korean.)