Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment for Visa Application Fees of US$265

You may use the instructions below to pay your US$265 visa application fee with an electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment directly from your bank for a K visa (fiancé(e) or spouse of a U.S. citizen).

Please print this page for your records. Remember to make only one payment per unique account number. The amount is valid only up to the expiration date of consular exchange rate on the home page. Please confirm the expiration date on the home page before you transfer the funds.

The MRV fee is payable in Korean Won only. The KRW amounts accepted by the U.S. Department of State for each USD equivalent are specified on the deposit slips and EFT payment pages below and on other pages on this web site. Payment of an incorrect amount may result in processing delays or result in having to repay the MRV fee.

  • Bank Sort Code: 060(Bank of America N.A. Seoul Branch)
  • Unique Beneficiary Account Number: Enter the 14 numbers below:
  • Beneficiary Name: "CGI FEDERAL INC"
    Keep in mind that only the first eight to 10 characters of the beneficiary name, "CGI FEDERA" are seen when searching for the beneficiary name before executing the payment via your bank’s internet banking system.
  • N/A

If you pay your visa application fee with an electronic funds transfer from your bank account between 8am and 10pm Monday through Friday, you may schedule your appointment within 2 hours. Any payments made on the weekend/holiday must wait until 9am the following business day.

IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU KEEP THE UNIQUE ACCOUNT NUMBER THAT YOU ACTUALLY USE TO MAKE YOUR EFT PAYMENT. You must have this number as proof of payment in order to schedule your visa interview appointment. It is the applicant's responsibility to save this number. If not, you cannot schedule an interview with your payment, and you must make another payment.