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You must select a delivery address for your passport's return prior to scheduling your immigrant visa interview appointment. When you select your document delivery address, be sure to have the Immigrant Case Number shown in the U.S. Embassy/Consulate notification letter. If your visa application is approved, VFS Global or DHL will return your passport and visa to you at the address or pick-up location you selected when you scheduled your interview. Your passport will be delivered only to the address you specified in your profile, created on when registering your delivery confirmation, prior to attending your interview. We provide document delivery services to home/office addresses within supported areas in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to VFS Global or DHL pick-up locations in Kazakhstan. If you enter a delivery address outside of the supported area, we will contact you to determine an alternative delivery address\option. Please make sure that your contact details in your website profile are accurate. Applicants who reside outside of Kazakhstan are advised to select the pick-up location in Almaty as their delivery option. There are no extra fees associated with this service.

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