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Some applicants of business/tourism visas (B1/B2) may apply for renewal of their visa through authorized courier service via the Interview Waiver Program. Renewal via The Interview Waiver Program may take up to four weeks.

If you want to renew your visa for yourself and family members, each individual family member must meet ALL of the following requirements. If any member of your family does NOT meet these requirements, all members of the family group must make regular appointments.

Avoid the lines and the wait! Follow the steps below to renew your tourist visa by authorized courier.

Requirements for adults from 18-79 years old

For minors under the age of 14 and adults over the age of 79 PLEASE  CLICK HERE:

Some applicants do not need to attend an interview at the Embassy of the United States to renew their tourist visa (B1/B2). They may apply for renewal by mail through the Interview Waiver Program. Please note that renewal by mail can take up to four weeks

For tourist visa renewal by mail, each family member must meet ALL of the requirements. If one of the family members does NOT meet one of the requirements, the entire family will need to schedule a visa interview at the Embassy.
Note: Effective March 11, 2021 through December 31, 2021, the United States Department of State has expanded the field of individuals eligible for visa renewal to those who have had a valid visa that expired within the last 48 months. The previous requirement was to have had a valid visa that expired within the last 24 months.
You may be eligible to request visa renewal by mail if you answer YES to EACH of the following statements:
  • My last visa was B1/B2, valid for 10 years. Yes __ No__
  • My last visa is valid or has expired within the last 48 months. Yes __ No__
  • My last visa is without special annotations. Yes __ No__
  • My visa has never been revoked, canceled, lost, damaged or stolen. Yes __ No__
  • My last visa was issued in Panama. Yes __ No__
  • I am a citizen or permanent resident of Panama. Yes __ No__
  • I have never resided in the US illegally or violated any US law. Yes __ No__
  • I was 14 or older when I did the interview for my last visa. Yes __ No__

If all your answers were YES, you can apply for your visa by mail!

If any of the following situations apply to you, you are NOT eligible to submit your application by mail. You must schedule an appointment for an interview:

    • Your U.S. visa expired more than 24 months ago.
    • You wish to renew a visa class other than Business/Tourism (B1/B2).
    • Your previous visa was limited to a single entry or a validity period less than 10 years (for adults) and 5 years (for children under the age of 14).
    • The last visa was not issued in Panama.
    • Your visa had the following annotation: “Clearance Received”.
    • Your last visa was cancelled or revoked.
    • You have a history of lost or stolen passport containing a U.S. visa.
    • You have immediate travel plans (you intend to travel to the U.S. within two weeks from your visa interview).

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Supporting Documentation

Include the following MANDATORY documents in the envelope for EACH applicant to be sent to the United States Embassy through Fletes Chavale (Fletes Chavale locations):

      • Valid passport
      • Previous passport with valid or recently expired visa.
      • For foreigners, copy of Panamanian residence.
      • DS-160 application confirmation page.
      • 2 photos 2" X 2" passport size with white background, taken in the last 6 months. (Photo requirements)
      • Visa processing payment receipt of 160 PAB.
      • Printed Confirmation Letter inside of the envelope.
      • Printed Confirmation Letter attached to the envelope. Click here to start the process