Document Drop-Off Locations

Applicants, who have been placed on hold under section 221(g) and have been asked to arrange for certain documents to clear the hold, can submit their documents to the Consulate by visiting the nearest 2GO Courier location and drop in the documents personally.

Find the nearest 2Go location

Procedure for submitting 221(g) documents to the Embassy / Consulate

Step 1: Click on 221(g) submission link to print the 221(g) submission slip at the courier office. Also applicants who wish to modify the courier address can modify the courier address through this link.

Step 2: Visit the nearest courier office along with 221(g) submission slip, 221(g) letter provided by the consular post and all documents as required by the consular post.

Step 3: At courier office submit all the documents and 221(g) submission slip. Courier will provide you with an Air way bill copy as an acknowledgement for receipt of 221(g) documents

Step 4: The courier will submit your documents to the consular post where you were interviewed

Step 5: Applicants will have their passport couriered to them at the address provided with either the issued visa now in their passport or a new 221(g) letter.

Note: Your application will be kept on hold at the Embassy/ Consulate until such a time as you submit those documents. All additional documents and information asked for by the Embassy or Consulate in a 221(g) letter should be submitted within one year from the date the 221(g) letter was given to you.