Renew My Visa

Eligible airlines crew members and applicants traveling for tourism or business may renew visas without an interview. Previous visas of the same category must be either still valid or expired within the past 48 months in addition to other eligibilities to qualify for the interview waiver.  This 48-month period is valid through December 31, 2021, after which it will revert to 12 months.

Renewing all other visa categories requires applicants’ presence at the interview with the exception of those under age 14 or above 79. Please refer to this page for more information.

Please Note: If you submit an incomplete and/or inaccurate application, photographs with eyeglasses, or if you do not meet the criteria listed above, we will contact you to provide a new photo without eyeglasses or schedule an interview, which may affect your travel plan.  You should submit your application well in advance of your planned travel.