Apply for a Visa Without an Interview

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The U.S. Embassy is Slovakia can only accept interview waiver applications from Slovak citizens or official long-term residents.

The following categories of nonimmigrant visa applicants must apply via the Visa Without an Interview mail-in procedures.  Even if your last visa interview was in a different country, you are likely still eligible for a mail-in renewal if you are a Slovak citizen or reside in Slovakia. Please do not schedule an interview if you qualify under one of the following categories.

  • All F, M, and academic student and research J visa applicants who have ever applied for any U.S. visa in the past or who have ever traveled to the U.S. on either a visa or ESTA.  F, M, and academic student and research J visa applicants who have never applied for any visa or traveled to the U.S. must follow the regular interview appointment procedures.  J visa applicants for work, aupair, and intern programs, are only eligible to apply by mail if they are renewing a J visa that has expired within the last 48 months.  J visa applicants for work, aupair, and intern programs who are applying for the first time, who have visas that expired more than 48 months ago, or whose most recent visa or ESTA applications were refused should follow the regular interview appointment procedures.


You may be eligible to apply for a visa without appearing in person for an interview. Please read carefully the following instructions.

Category 1:

If you are eligible to apply in one of the categories listed above, you may contact the Consular Section directly at to arrange a drop-off/pick-up time.

Category 2:

Some applicants are eligible for a waiver of interview. Please read the qualifications carefully below and follow the instructions below.

  • Travelers age 80 or over with no prior refusals within the last two years
  • Children under the age of 14 (see Visas for Children for more information)
  • Applicants whose personal data has not changed, who can provide the passport with a previous U.S. visa and who meet all of the following conditions:
  1. Received a visa after August 30, 2007 and had their fingers scanned.
  2. Are applying for a visa in the same category as the previous visa, unless:
    • their most recent B1, B2, B1/B2 visa was issued for less than ten years,
    • are applying for J or H visas and previously did not receive William Wilberforce pamphlet (about workers rights and trafficking in persons) in person from a consular employee,
    • are applying for J-1 Summer Work and Travel visa,
    • are applying for A-3, G-5 or NATO-7 visa (Every time they apply for a visa they must have an interview with a consular officer.)
  3. Are applying for the new visa within 48 months of the expiration date of the old visa.
  4. Are applying at the consular post of their usual residence or the post designated for their nationality.

Renew My Visa

Step 1

Complete the non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

Step 2

Log-in to our online applicant system or create a new user (if you don't have yet) to pay the visa application (MRV) fee. Once logged in, choose “New Application/Schedule appointment”. As you go through the process you will answer the interview waiver questions which will evaluate your eligibility to apply for a visa without an interview.

Step 3

After you answer the questions, you will be prompted to pay the visa fee. If you are eligible to apply for a visa without an interview, you will print out the "Interview waiver confirmation letter” which you will include with your visa application.

Step 4

Print your Application interview waiver Letter and gather your DS-160 confirmation page, MRV fee receipt, current and previous passports, photo, and a letter explaining your travel purpose and itinerary. Depending on the visa category, you may require additional documentation and a reciprocity fee. Please refer to your specific visa category page for additional required documents.

Step 5

When you are ready to submit the application documents, please follow the instructions received on the Interview Waiver Confirmation letter and register your document delivery address.

After the registration is done you will receive a prepaid address label from our delivery service desk.

The cost of the document delivery to the Embassy is 15,03 Eur (per applicant), paid with a credit or debit card when registering the delivery address.

Step 6

A courier will deliver your documents to the Embassy.

Step 7

At the end of the visa adjudication process, our courier service will return your documents and your passport to you at the chosen document delivery location.

The cost of the document delivery from the Embassy is 17,9 Eur (per applicant), paid with a credit or debit card when registering the delivery address. If issued, your passport will contain your visa.

The average processing time at the Embassy is 4 business days

For information regarding processing times, please visit this page.