Visas for Children

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Questions and Answers

Q: Do children need a visa?

A: All travelers, including children, need a visa to travel to the United States or must qualify to travel without a visa through a special program, such as the Visa Waiver Program.

Q: Do children pay the same application fee as adults?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: Do children need to schedule an interview appointment?

A: No. Children younger than 14 (before their 14th birthday) can mail in the application.

If both parents have valid visa they may mail the application for their children (under 14 years). Children need to have their own DS-160 visa application form, photo and visa application fee. Parents may mail-in the application to the Visa Section along with copies of parents visas, birth certificates of children and other documents related to the purpose of their travel.

See Applying for a Visa Without an Interview section of our website for more information.

Q: Do all children have to come in person for their appointment?

A: No. Only children over age 14 are required to appear in person for an interview.