Special Issues for Belarusian Applicants

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Scheduling a Visa Interview Appointment

Belarusian visa applicants may make a visa interview appointment with the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv. Applicants can schedule their visa interview online or by contacting the call center from either Belarus, Ukraine, or the U.S.

Payment of the Visa Application (MRV) Fee

Currently there are no banks in Belarus authorized to collect the visa application (MRV) fee on behalf of the U.S. Embassy. In order to make a visa interview appointment, you must first pay the MRV fee at a bank in Ukraine. A friend or family member may make the payment for you, however the payment must be in your name and include your passport number on the MRV fee receipt from the bank.

Visa Processing Times and Passport Return

The Consular Section returns passports with issued visas via a courier service. According to Ukrainian law, it is prohibited to send passports by mail across international borders. Therefore, all successful applicants need an address in Ukraine to which their passports can be sent. Alternatively, applicants from Belarus may choose to collect their passports in person from the courier service office.

The U.S. Embassy generally requires two business days to process a visa once it has been approved. During this time, the applicant's passport must remain at the Embassy. Applicants from Belarus should consider this when scheduling their interview appointment. An appointment scheduled on a Thursday or Friday may require that a successful applicant remain in Ukraine over the weekend until the passport and visa can be returned early the following week.