Business Executive Program

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The Business Executive Program vets and registers established, reputable firms to make it easier for certain employees to seek nonimmigrant visitor visas for business travel at reserved appointment times. The Consulate will set aside a specific number of appointments each month for this program on specific days. Participants will schedule the appointments through AmCham. AmCham will provide the Consulate with a list of those scheduled for appointments at least one business day before the actual appointment date. Only those individuals, including family members, listed on the appointment sheet provided by AmCham to the Consulate will be allowed in for appointments.


  • BEP applicants must be direct-hire employees of American Chamber of Commerce member companies with an office in Morocco. Contractors and individuals sponsored by the company do not qualify for BEP appointments.
  • BEP applicants must be residents of the Moroccan consular district.
  • Applicants must be travelers conducting business for the member company in Morocco. Applicants applying to travel to the U.S. for personal reasons do not qualify for appointments under this program. Family members can use this program for B2 visas, and can apply with the primary applicant (employee) only if they will accompany the primary applicant while he or she is conducting business in the United States.
  • Employees must remain on Moroccan payroll and must not be paid from a U.S. source. Employees must not seek a change of status to work in the U.S. during company travel.
  • Applicants must carry a cover letter on company letterhead including the applicant’s name, DOB and passport number, as well as their intended travel purpose and dates of travel to the United States. The letter should also list their position title, hire date with the company, annual salary and information about whom is covering the costs of their travel to the United States. The letter must be signed by one of the three signatories listed on file with the Consulate from each company.
  • We request that you track and keep on file detailed information for all your employees applying for visas as well as those traveling to the United States under this program. The Consulate will periodically conduct audits of this program to ensure that participants are complying with program and visa requirements.
  • Companies discovered to have misused the program will be disqualified from BEP. Misuse includes, but is not limited to:
    • Misrepresentation of facts in documentation provided by the member company.
    • Submission of applications for persons not actually employed by the member company.
    • Submission of applications for persons not traveling on official company business (spouses and children may apply under the BEP for B2 only if they are to accompany the primary applicant on business travel).
    • Applicants who overstay in the U.S. without a valid extension from the Department of Homeland Security. Applicants who otherwise violate the terms of their U.S. visas.
  • Suspected misuse of any visa by an employee should be reported to the U.S. Consulate General immediately. Additionally, if the employee has absconded/changed status with intentions of staying in the United States, you are asked to inform us. We encourage companies to bring all suspicious behavior on the part of employees to our attention and such reporting will not affect a company’s participation in the program unless it becomes a pattern. However, failure to report such events may disqualify a company from future participation.
  • Companies are requested not to ask for reconsideration of applications or details of an applicant’s case. All applicants are interviewed by a Consular Officer and cases are adjudicated individually. Applicants who are refused a visa may reapply and the case will be adjudicated according to U.S. immigration law.
  • Appointments that are missed will be logged as a “no-show” in the system. Companies can reschedule their applicants’ appointment through the American Chamber of Commerce if they do so at least four days before the interview date. Please ensure when scheduling appointments that the applicant will be available in order to avoid missed appointments.