Visas for Applicants under age 14 or age 80 and over

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Visas for applicants under 14 or age 80 and over

Please review this information for the requirements of non-immigrant visa interview waiver for applicants under 14 years of age or age 80 and over, applying at the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu.

Applicants under 14 years of age or age 80 and over from the date of submission are not required to appear for a non-immigrant visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu. Such applicants may submit their visa applications through the Interview Waiver. All other rules, requirements and fees for those under 14 years of age remain in effect.

Supporting Documents

All applicants must include the following documents when submitting their applications:

  1. Applicant's current and all old passports;
  2. A completed DS-160 confirmation page;
  3. A visa fee receipt for the current visa application;
  4. Children under 14 years of age must submit a photocopy of both parent’s passport biographic information page, both parent’s valid U.S. visa, and a copy of the child’s birth certificate. If the parents do not hold U.S. visas, the children are not eligible for the interview waiver;
  5. One copy of the interview-waiver confirmation letter;
  6. Accompanying guardians or parents may submit their children's documents with one hard copy photograph, as per the photo requirements.

Note: Parents having the appointment scheduled together with the child under 14 years of age should submit the required above documents during the time of their Interview at the Embassy. Visa issuance for those not appearing in person is not guaranteed. The Embassy may in some cases, after reviewing an application, require the child to appear in person.