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Immigrant visa applicants and Diversity visa applicants who missed their appointments scheduled by the National Visa Center (NVC) or the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) must reschedule an appointment for a visa interview online using this website.

Follow-to-join family of refugee/asylee cases (“Visas 92/93”) must schedule an appointment online using this website

Supporting Documents

To schedule an immigrant visa appointment, you must have the following information and documents available:

  • Unexpired  passport valid for travel to the United States for each member of family;
  • Case number and visa class for you and all your family member;
  • DS-260 confirmation page  for each member of family eligible for immigrant visa ( completed less than one year)
  • Your e-mail address

Restrictions to Changing Appointments

Due to a limited number of slots available, applicants need to reschedule an appointment only one time, as it may not be possible re-schedule a second time.

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