Security Regulations

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Visitors are not permitted to bring the following into the U.S. Embassy and will be denied entry if carrying:

  • Mobile phones or any kind of electronic or battery-operated devices such as smart watches, fitness trackers, cameras, computers, gaming devices, USB thumb drives, etc.
  • Any device with an on/off switch.
  • Outside food or drink/liquid of any kind (unless medically required).
  • Large bags/purses -- only bags that can be hand carried are permitted.
  • Sealed envelopes or packages.
  • Lighters, matches, or flame-generating devices. 

This list is not exhaustive.  Consular clients should leave these items at home or another safe location away from the Embassy.  There is no storage at the Embassy, and the Embassy has no affiliation with any third-party commercial storage option in the area.

Due to security considerations, there is no information window for walk-in visitors at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate. Only visa applicants with scheduled interviews will be admitted into the U.S. Embassy/Consulate.