Priority Interview Program

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The Priority Interview Program (PIP) is designed to promote and facilitate legitimate business travel between the United States and the Philippines. It allows qualifying business access to:

  • Expedited visa appointments
  • Dedicated line of communication -
  • Priority processing of visas and deliveries

Note: Membership in PIP does not guarantee employees will be issued visas.  PIP cannot be used for personal and contract-work travel.  Only qualified dependents may use PIP if they are applying together with the employee in the same visa class. 


The Embassy uses the following criteria to evaluate application for membership: 

  • An established, stable, and favorably known business with annual revenue of over $1 million and at least 100 Philippine-based employees; 
  • Strong business ties with the United States. This may be demonstrated by factors such as large customer base in the United States, or partnership, subsidiary or supplier relationships with U.S. companies; and 
  • Frequent and regular business travel by employees to the United States (typically, at least ten employee visits to the United States per year).

To apply for the PIP membership, please submit the following documents and information to 

  1.  A cover letter including a brief description of the company and the type of business in the Philippines, including the number of full-time, direct-hire employees in the Philippines. Each subsidiary must submit a separate application for individual PIP membership; 
  2. A statement of the company’s travel needs, including number of employees sent to the United States in the last two (2) years, as well as those anticipated to be sent within the next year; 
  3. A specimen signature page printed on company letterhead. This one-page specimen signature should contain signatures of at least two (2) but no more than four (4) authorized signatories to sign guarantee letters and other documents with respect to the program. To view a sample signatory letter, click here. If you have more than one location, a maximum of six (6) signatories on the specimen signature is allowed; and 
  4. Complete contact information (email address & direct telephone/mobile numbers) for each company signatory and authorized representative designated to act on behalf of the company. 

Companies accepted into the program will obtain a business user account for the on-line appointment system and receive instructions on how to book expedited visa appointments that are specifically reserved for PIP members.  They will also be able to use as a direct line of communication for all inquiries and problems.  Additionally, for technical concerns, PIP members may also contact the call center at (02) 7792-8988 or email to 



PIP members must: 

  • Ensure that all visa appointments are only for full-time, direct-hire employees who will be traveling on temporary company business to the United States.  Personal and contract-work travel are not permitted.  Qualified dependents of PIP applicants may use the PIP appointment slots if they are applying together with the employee in the same visa class, except for B visa application; 
  • Use only the appointment slots specifically designated for PIP to schedule appointments.  Employees of PIP member companies who have not made appointments through the dedicated PIP appointment slots but travelling on a business trip will be turned away; 
  • Provide guarantee letter to employees for their visa interviews that clear states employee’s position, purpose of travel, the U.S. company or business to visit, and expected length stay in the United States; and
  • For L visa applicants, submit a signed itemized compensation package agreement between the company and the employee. 


  • Maintain and submit (in PDF format) to an updated list of authorized signatories, complete specimen signatures, and contact information each time there is a change or addition of authorized representatives; 
  • Ensure the integrity of the PIP program by safeguarding PIP Specimen Signature and on-line appointment business user account.  The specimen signature is a protected document to ensure the integrity of the program must not be in the possession of applicants; 
  • Notify the Embassy immediately if any employees resign while in the United States, or fail to return to the Philippines after their visit; 
  • Respond to periodic audits by the Embassy to verify compliance with PIP regulations; and 
  • Ensure that employees of non-PIP member subsidiary companies do not schedule an appointment under the PIP program. 

PIP members who do not abide by the regulations of the program will have their membership terminated. Please check the Embassy website periodically for updates to the visa and/or PIP process. 

For inquiries regarding the Priority Interview Program, please contact the PIP team via  

How to Apply

Step 1 

Pay the visa application fee.  

Step 2 

Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.  

Step 3 

Schedule an appointment using the online appointment system under PIP timeslot. You will need three pieces of information to schedule an appointment: 

  • Your passport number 
  • Your MRV fee payment receipt number 
  • The ten (10) digit barcode number from your DS-160 confirmation page  

Step 4 

Visit the U.S. Embassy/Consulate on the date and time of your visa interview. You will need to bring a printed copy of your appointment letter, guarantee letter on company letterhead, and signed by an authorized signatory, must be submitted along with the basic requirements: DS-160 confirmation page, valid photos, and current passport, at the prescreening window.  

NOTE: Failure to comply may result in rejection or refusal of application. The applicant may be instructed to schedule a new appointment.