Drop-Off Service (Interview Waiver)

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Important Notice

Ensure you meet the qualifications before submitting your application for drop-off service. Include all required supporting documents for your visa type. You must include a photo following the requirements here. If your photo was used on a prior visa or is older than six months your visa will be delayed.


Drop-off visa services usually eliminate the need to come to AIT. The use of drop-off service does not guarantee visa issuance. Infrequently, drop-off applicants may still be required to appear for an in-person interview.

Drop-off visa applications are typically completed and returned to you within ten business days.


You may be eligible to apply for a U.S. visa by drop-off service based on:

Age: Any application prior to your 14th birthday or after your 80th birthday.

Student Visas: Any application (including first-time applicants) for a F, M, or academic J visa (students, professors, research scholars, short-term scholars, or specialists who are participating in an approved exchange program).

Employment Visas: Any application (including first-time applicants) for an H, individual L-1 (non-blanket), individual L-2, O, P, or Q visa. 

Renewal: Renewing any prior U.S. visa within the same visa class excluding E, R and blanket Ls, that is unexpired or expired less than 48 months ago. 

Requirements for ALL Drop-Off Applications:

  • You must be physically present in Taiwan.
  • You must be a citizen or resident of Taiwan.
  • If you previously applied for a U.S. visa or ESTA, your most recent application was approved.
    • If your most recent application for a U.S. visa was refused, and not subsequently approved, or if your most recent ESTA application was denied, you must schedule an appointment for a visa interview.

Student and Employment Visas: Prior Travel or Visa Required

For any (including first-time applicants) F, M, academic J, H, L-1 (non-blanket), L-2 (non-blanket), O, P, and Q application, you are eligible for drop-off service if you previously traveled to the U.S. on ESTA at any time, or previously received a U.S. visa

If you do not qualify for drop-off service schedule an appointment for a visa interview.

Supporting Documentation

All drop-off service applicants should provide items in the following order:

  • Unexpired passport and if not a Taiwan passport, photocopy of your Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).
  • Passport containing the most recently issued U.S. visa (if applicable).
  • Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter (see Step 5 below).
  • DS-160 confirmation page for each applicant.
  • One color photograph (5cmx5cm) taken within the last six months and not used on a previous U.S. visa, with a white or off-white background.
    • Eyeglasses are not allowed. If using the photo from your passport, ensure it was taken within the last six months. See detailed photo requirements here.
  • Visa application fee receipt.
  • Additional documents required for your visa category (see below)
  • If you legally changed your name since your last visa application, please provide your Taiwan Household Registration Record in English (with detailed notes).
  • If you were ever arrested or convicted for any offense or crime in any country, please provide the police record or court documents. 
    • Please provide an English translation and a Taiwan Police Criminal Record Certificate. 

Additional Document Requirements by Category: 

  • B Visas
    • Business travelers: An invitation letter from your employer or the organization in the U.S.
  • C-1/D Visas
    • A letter from your employer verifying your position.
  • F, M, and J Visas
    • If attending a masters or doctorate program, or conducting research: A copy of your most recent resume or CV listing your education and professional experiences.
    • For F-1, F-2, M-1, M-2 applicants: A copy of your current I-20 signed/endorsed properly.
    • For J-1, J-2 applicants: the original form of your current DS-2019.
      • J visa Trainees and Interns should also provide the DS-7002 form.
    • If a SEVIS fee payment is required, your I-901 SEVIS Fee receipt.
  • H, L, O, P, and Q Visas
    • A copy of your current I-797 approval notice.
    • A copy of your most recent resume or CV listing your education and professional experiences.
  • H-1B, H-4, or L Visas: Taiwan Passport Applicants ONLY
    • If applying with a Taiwan passport, you must include a money order (also known as bank draft or 美金匯票) issued by a local bank in Taiwan within the past 5 months payable to American Institute in Taiwan for U.S dollars $69.00. As of January 1, 2023, the reciprocity fee is USD 69.00 per applicant.
  • F-2, M-2, J-2, H-4, L-2, O-3, P-4: Spouse or Child of a Principal Applicant
    • Proof of relationship to principal applicant such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or household registration in English (with detailed notes)
    • If a spouse or child is applying separately from the principal applicant, include a copy of the principal applicant’s visa.
      • H-4, L-2, O-3, and P-4 applicants should also provide a copy of the principal applicant’s current I-797 approval notice. 
  • Children Under 14 years Old
    • A copy of Taiwan Household Registration Record in English (listing entire immediate family with detailed notes)
    • Copies of the parents’ passport biographic information pages OR national ID cards.
    • Copies of the parents' current and/or previous U.S. visas, if applicable.

How To Apply

Step 1: Choose your visa type

Check here for a list of all available visa types

Step 2: Complete the DS-160 online application

Complete the online visa application. Anytime you make a new application, you must complete a new DS-160. Each applicant, including children, must have their own DS-160 application. Be sure to read the Guidelines for Completing the DS-160 Form carefully.   

Official or Diplomatic Visas and U.S. Federal Government Sponsored J Visa Applicants: Applicants for diplomatic or official visas and (J) visa applicants participating in a program sponsored by the U.S. Federal Government do NOT need to complete additional steps below. Click the respective link for further instructions. 

Step 3: Create your profile

Create your profile in the registration system and choose your passport delivery method.  

  • Free of Charge and Fastest Delivery: Drop off/Pick up your passport and documents at the SF Express Taipei Neihu Distribution Center 
    • Address: No.21, Ln. 140, Xing’ai Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan
  • Drop off/pick up at any other SF Express courier locationsTWD280 per passport/documents.
  • For return delivery of your passport and application materials, you can select delivery to your designated (home/office) address: TWD320 per passport/documents.
    *These delivery fees are charged by the courier company and will be collected in cash by courier staff when you drop off, pick up, or receive your documents. Exact change required. Please do NOT put money inside your document package. You can have a representative assist you to drop off, pick up, or receive your passport/documents on your behalf. See this page for more details. You will receive an email notification and text message when your passport is ready for pick-up or delivery. 

Choose “New Application/Schedule appointment” on the left side. Answer the drop-off service questions which will ensure your eligibility to apply for a visa by drop-off.  

Step 4: Pay your MRV visa application fee

After you answer the questions, you will be prompted to pay the visa application fee. After your payment receipt is activated, go back to your online profile to continue the process. For more information about paying your MRV visa fee click here

Step 5: Gather your documents

If you are eligible to apply for a visa without an interview, the registration system will ask you to print out the “Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter.” Gather the supporting documents and put them in order as listed above. Please do NOT staple or use sheet protectors, please use paperclips if attaching items together. 

Step 6: Drop off your application

You or your representative should drop off your supporting documents at a designated document delivery location for delivery to AIT.  

Step 7: Receive your documents

Generally, within ten business days your passport and supporting documents will be returned to you by the document delivery option you previously chose (Step 3).   

  • If approved, your passport will contain your visa. 
  • If an interview is required, the courier will deliver your passport and documents with a 221g refusal letter.  Please follow the instructions on the letter to schedule an appointment for your visa interview.

You can check your visa application status using your DS-160 barcode. You can track the status of your passport delivery using your passport number or your tracking number. Please contact the call center or SF Express if you have questions about the delivery or pick up of your documents.